Fitcanal 15 Simple Yoga Poses for beginners

Simple definition of Yoga :

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that was created by the blending of Western styles of gymnastics with postures from Hatha Yoga in India. Its main purpose is to train the body and mind to self observe and become aware of their own nature, to raise awareness, reach self-regulation and higher consciousness. Yoga will help you achieve a peaceful body and mind.

20 Benefits of Yoga :

  1. Increase your flexibility.
  2. Prevents cartilage and joint breakdown.
  3. Betters your bone health.
  4. Perfects your posture
  5. Builds muscle strength.
  6. Induce unusual heart rhythms.
  7. Improves blood flow.
  8. Boosts your immune system functionality.
  9. Improves your balance.
  10. Helps you relax.
  11. Regulates your adrenal glands.
  12. Helps your circulation.
  13. Promotes breathing through the nose.
  14. Increases your self-esteem.
  15. Encourages self care.
  16. Supports your connective tissue.
  17. Helps maintain a balanced metabolism.
  18. Improves athletic performances.
  19. Helps with lower back pain, arthritis, headaches…
  20. Improve your respiration.

Yoga is more than just an exercise or discipline, it’s a golden treatment. A free cure for stress, anxiety and depression. It’s made for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, financial status … It’s suitable for everyone !

What’s more good about Yoga is that is not necessary to have any past experiences, a coach, or a "specific place" to practice it. If you are new to this discipline and just got introduced to it, here’s some easy Yoga poses to help you get started !

15 Simple/Basic Yoga Poses for Beginners :

Fitcanal 15 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners

You don't have to be able to do all these poses exactly as illustrated — ALWAYS listen to your body and modify if needed.alert-info

1. Mountain Pose (Tadasana) :

Fitcanal 15 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners Mountain Pose Tadasana

Tadasana is usually the starting position for all the standing poses. But it's useful to practice Tadasana as a pose in itself.

How to do it :

2. Tree Pose (Vrikshasana) :

Fitcanal 15 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners Tree Pose Vriksasana

Vrikshasana, it comprises two words Vriksh means tree and asana indicating towards a Yoga pose. It's one of the very few standing poses, and remains popular in modern yoga as exercise.

How to do it :

3. Garland pose (Malasana) :

Fitcanal 15 Simple Yoga Poses for Beginners Garland Pose Malasana

Garland Pose is a hip-opening yoga posture that helps to lengthen and open the hips, creating more mobility for all of your daily activities. The Sanskrit name for this pose, "Malasana" comes from two words: "Mala" — meaning "garland" "Asana" — meaning "pose".

How to do it :

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