Fitcanal Top 10 Most Efficient Ab Workouts Of All Time

Are you on a weight loss journey and want to know the go-to Workouts to Burn Fat? Are you a Fitness enthusiast and enjoy a daily exercising time? or are you simply taking a step towards a Healthier Lifestyle and are lost when it comes to efficient workouts?

The first part of our bodies that we notice after Weight Gain and that seems to be the hardest to Lose Weight from is out Belly. We all wish to have flat stomachs and sculpt our Abs. Fat around the waist is the hardest to get rid of in terms of Diets, so the best option is to do Exercises and Workouts that are targeted for this zone specifically.

We have gathered for you Top 10 of the most efficient Abs Workouts that will help you each the hourglass figure you want and turn that stomach flat, so get in your sweats, grab your sneakers and start trying these Workouts.

Exercice 1 : High Knee Taps

In Addition to working on your Abs, this move is an intensive cardiovascular exercise; as you get to work on the core of your Abs, Legs will leave you for sure out of breath. This Exercise will get your heart pumping and is guaranteed to depend on the intensity to Burn 300 Calories a 30-minute Workout "More calories burned, the more you tend to Lose Fat.".

As you need no equipment for this move, just make sure to keep your Core Muscles engaged while you get your knees as high as possible in a jumping motion.

Exercice 2 : Mountain Climber

This indoor friendly Workout is great for your entire Body Muscles, from your Neck to your Hips, Triceps and is one of the most efficient Workout for your Abs.

If done correctly and in the right intensity, you will be drenched in sweat from moving up and down and side to side. Get in high plank position, keep arms straight and engage your Core Muscles, make sure as you bend one knee that it gets very close to the chest while the other leg is stretched then alternate in a fast rhythm.

Exercice 3 : Leg raises

Another effective move to sculpt your Abs is Leg Raises, all while lying flat on your back! As it is the case for all these types of workouts make sure to engage your Core Muscles as raise your legs, placing your arms straight, to a 90-degree angle breathe then hold the position while engaging your Abdominal Muscles. Then breathe out as youse your Legs back to the starting position.

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